3 Short Reasons to Stop Being PC

Finger art of people during quarrel by Victoria 1 (Shutterstock)

Why do people get upset over political correctness? Isn’t is good not to offend anyone?

Yes. And no.

Offending people just to offend them is rarely a good idea. But it’s a boundary people often cross, especially online. When we don’t have to…

Bottled Water, Humility & Cross-Cultural Grace

Rajasthani woman who welcomed us to a family dinner

I went to this woman’s house in Jodhpur for dinner. Hers was a Muslim family not far from where we stayed in the hostel at the fort.

She cooked the food on this little stove and served it in communal dishes. We sat in…

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

Afghan girl…the 1st in her family to go to school. This is how they learn to imagine a new future ( Shutterstock)

The Afghan peace process remains uncertain. As the Taliban gains ground in strategic locations, pandits debate whether President Biden should completely withdraw troops according to the May 2021 timeline.

The argument itself indicates a larger disagreement about America’s…

The K-Pop in Politics

What you question threatens me. So you don’t exist. Neither does your job. Maybe you should die. Cheers.

What are sasaengs? They’re obsessive stalker-fans/stans who track down K-pop idols in airports or break into their hotel rooms.

They’re also the ones willing to do anything for them … from twisting real events to making up elaborate lies, using an invisible vigilante justice to take…

My Love-Hate Relationship with Brené Brown

She had the courage to show up. Connection didn’t.

Just Be Yourself?

Standard advice to awkward kids is “Just be yourself.” Dr. Brené Brown made a whole career out of encouraging this kind of authenticity. Out of freeing ourselves from the shame that can hold us back and prevent change.

Brené Brown’s inspiring TED Talk on…

Jodhpur dog … not the one with the rickshaw-wallahs but similar (from Shutterstock)

It was just after 9/11. We watched coverage of the attacks on BBC and local news from Rajasthan. We counted the planes and counted the lives. We called family halfway around the world to make sure they were okay.

They worried about us: Should the students all come home? (No, we’re not the ones they’re attacking.) Me…not thinking about the map or how close Osama bin Laden was to me there in Jodhpur. Closer than my sister’s house was to me back in the states. …

Lisa Holloway

Lisa Holloway is a Navy veteran and former disaster relief worker. She is currently an International Relations Analyst writing mostly about South Asia.

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